Best Healthy Lactation Cookies in Australia for Milkin’ Mummas

Sweet Graze’s healthy lactation cookies are not only absolutely delicious, they are nutritious, suitable for the whole family to enjoy, but most importantly they WORK and are loved by so many of our customers!


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Lactation cookies are a nourishing snack for breastfeeding mothers.

Lactation cookies are also sometimes known as breastfeeding cookies. Here at Sweet Graze, we pride ourselves on baking the freshest and most delicious and healthy lactation cookies. We use only the highest quality fresh ingredients to create scrumptious snacks that are jam-packed full of essential vitamins and minerals to help nourish the breastfeeding mother’s body. Our lactation cookies also include a number of ingredients known as galactagogues, which are basically ingredients that are proven to improve or increase the production of milk (you may also see these referred to as lactogenic ingredients).

If you’ve got this far, and you’re looking for what are quite possibly the best lactation cookies Australia, then read on to discover more about Sweet Graze’s healthy lactation cookies and how they may benefit you.

Sweet Graze lactation cookies are packed full of nutritious ingredients to support breastfeeding mothers’ milk production.

All our lactation cookies include premium rolled oats, brewer’s yeast and flaxseed, which are all considered to be highly nutritious and lactogenic ingredients.

  • Oats are a wonderful comfort food, a quality source of protein, packed full of beta-glucan fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. We include them in our healthy lactation cookies because they help to keep you feeling fuller for longer, along with providing you with important nutrients for milk production.
  • Brewer’s yeast is a super food containing iron, vitamin B, key amino acids and minerals such as chromium and selenium, which all support healthy milk production. Brewer’s yeast has been championed for years as a nutritional supplement that helps to improve energy levels, improve mood and for general wellbeing.
  • Flaxseed or linseed is one of the best plant-based sources of fatty acids, especially omega-3s. Flaxseeds are also included in our lactation cookies due to their phytoestrogens, which are known to influence breast milk production.

Buy Sweet Graze lactation cookies as a convenient snack for busy mums.

When you choose to buy lactation cookies from us here at Sweet Graze, you have a number of tasty flavours to choose from. If you can’t choose just one, we also offer a mixed box so that you can try each flavour of lactation cookie and see which one (or ones!) is your favourite. Sweet Graze lactation cookies all come individually wrapped and heat sealed in their own packaging, so that they stay fresher for longer. Our healthy lactation cookies will last between 5 to 6 weeks in their packaging (that is, if you can hold off eating them for that long!) or you can order up and opt to freeze them. This makes them an incredibly convenient and nutritious snack to have on hand. Buy now!

It gives many Aussie mums peace of mind knowing that they are snacking on something that is healthy and helps to nourish their baby. You can pop a couple of healthy lactation cookies into your nappy bag for a quick snack on the go, or at your bedside table so you can enjoy a midnight snack whilst you’re up feeding your little one. Sweet Graze lactation cookies are also suitable for the whole family to enjoy. And no, Dad, don’t worry, eating these cookies won’t make you spontaneously lactate!

You can start enjoying Sweet Graze healthy lactation cookies at any time.

We often get asked when the best time to start eating lactation cookies is. The simple answer is, anytime! Sweet Graze lactation cookies are perfectly safe to eat during your pregnancy. In having said that, the production of milk is actually triggered by hormones that are released by the brain once your baby is born, so we can’t comment on how effective they are in that aspect. What we do know however, is that many of our customers have given us feedback that when they did consume our lactation cookies during pregnancy, they produced more than ample amounts of colostrum that they were able to freeze in syringes in preparation for the birth of their baby.

Do lactation cookies really work?

Yes! Sweet Graze’s lactation cookies do really work, according to our customers. Here’s what just a few of them had to say:

“The best lactation cookies I’ve had. The milk supply is great, keeps my baby happy and healthy. All the flavours are yummy!” – Mags S. (Facebook user).

“These cookies are not only delicious but they really do work to boost and maintain milk supply. Highly recommend for all nursing mummies and anyone really cause they’re so yummy too.” – Paula C. (Facebook user).

“I just wanted to say thank you so much. My order arrived so quickly. I ate one lactation cookie. Just one! And by the time it was time for baby’s next feed I was so full. Amazing! I’m so happy. Thank you thank you!” – Dani P. (via Instagram).

“Thanks so much for such awesome advice and customer service. I reckon these are the best lactation cookies I’ve tried. I pumped so much milk this week that I’ve been able to stock up my freezer again. I’ve been recommending these at mother’s group. Thanks again.” – Tina J. (via Instagram).

How long will it take before I notice some effect from eating lactation cookies?

Many women notice a difference within several hours, or on the same day as they start consuming our lactation cookies. Others have said it took a few days to a week. It is important to note that lactation cookies are intended to be complimentary and supportive to a healthy diet. In order to get the best effect from the lactogenic ingredients contained in our lactation cookies, breastmilk should be removed frequently and effectively from the mother’s breasts- this means breastfeeding your baby or pumping regularly. The body’s production of milk is based on an internal feedback loop with the brain: empty breasts trigger the release of hormones to produce more milk!

Of course, everybody is different and we cannot guarantee any specific results. If you find that the lactation cookies aren’t working for you in the way that you had hoped they would, there may be underlying issues that require addressing. In these cases, we would recommend that you reach out to a breastfeeding expert (IBCLC) or consult with your GP for a thorough assessment.

If you want healthy lactation cookies, at Sweet Graze, we’ve done the work to bring you the best lactation cookies in Australia.

Hundreds of mums across Australia already love Sweet Graze lactation cookies. Here’s why:

  • We are a small business owned and operated by a Melbourne mumma
  • We bake all our orders fresh (no exceptions!) with no preservatives or anything artificial whatsoever
  • We use the highest quality lactogenic ingredients to support and nourish your and your baby’s body
  • We wrap and heat seal all our cookies individually, for your convenience
  • The whole family can enjoy lactation cookies as a healthy snack!
  • They’re scrumptious!

If you have any further questions or queries, please feel free to reach out to us at any time, by using the ‘Contact Us’ tab or messaging us on our socials on Facebook or Instagram.