What are Lactation Cookies and how do they work?
Lactation cookies are delicious cookies made from ingredients that have been shown to support a healthy milk supply. Foods that support a healthy milk supply are known as ‘lactogenic’ – lactogenic ingredients can help to increase the quantity of breast milk produced.

Is there breastmilk in the cookies?
Sweet Graze do not use breastmilk in their cookies.

How long do they last?
Sweet Graze cookies are individually wrapped and heat sealed for optimum freshness.
Cookies last between 5-6 weeks, tried and tested when heat sealed and are able to be frozen.

How many should I eat?
Sweet Graze suggests eating 1-2 cookies on your first few days to see how you respond.
Most woman eat 1-2 per day some eat more and some eat just 1 on a busy day.
Remember they’re individually wrapped so you can throw one in your nappy bag whilst on the run or have one by your bed for a midnight snack.

When is the best time to eat my cookies?
There is no specific time to eat Sweet Graze cookies, however it is recommended to start with eating one during the day to see how you respond – you don’t want to wake up during the night all drenched if you do “over respond”.

When will I notice a difference?
Many women have noticed an increase in supply same day, sometimes within hours, others have noticed a few days to a week. Keeping in mind a lactation cookies is to compliment a healthy diet.
If you find the cookies aren’t working for you, there could be greater issues so please contact a Lactation consultant or doctor for assessment.

When will they be shipped?
All Sweet Graze cookies are made to order so once an order is placed, they’re baked, packaged and ready to ship within 48 hours (business days) and sent out of Melbourne. Alternatively pick up is available from Boronia VIC 3155 within 48 hours (business days). An email will be sent to confirm cookies are ready for collection and make pick up arrangements. Shipping starts from $9.95 and is calculated on the weight of your order.

Can I start eating them whilst pregnant?
Yes of course. These are perfectly safe to eat whilst pregnant. Your post birth hormones trigger your milk coming in so we don’t know exactly how affective it to start eating them prior to birth however we have had woman mention they started eating Sweet Graze cookies and found they had more than enough colostrum to freeze in syringes prior to birth.

How do I send the cookies as a gift?
If you are sending the cookies directly to a mummy as a gift please let us know the delivery address in the ‘Add note to seller’ section at the checkout.
Need more information or want to become a stockist?
You can contact Sweet Graze via email on sweet.graze.melbourne@gmail.com