Assortment Box

Assortment Box

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Want to try our four main flavours?

You’re just in luck!

Grab yourself a box of 12 assortments.

• Caramilk

• Choc Chip

• Triple Choc

• White Choc & Macadamia

**Each box contains 12 individually heat sealed cookies

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    White Chocolate & Macadamia

    White Chocolate & Macadamia


    White Chocolate & Macadamia

    Our White Chocolate & Macadamia cookies are the perfect blend of nut and chocolate. Macadamia nuts are amazing little nutrient-filled powerhouses which are a rich source of Vitamin A, Iron, Protein and Folates. Each cookie is individually heat sealed to ensure optimum freshness and convenience. Making them perfect for busy milking mums....


    Wheat Flour, Oats, Sugar, Butter, Brewers Yeast, Flaxseed, Egg, Macadamia, Cadbury White Choc Chips, Vanilla Extract, Baking Powder.

    **Each box contains 12 individually heat sealed cookies
  • Sold out

    Lemon & Coconut – Vegan & DF Cookies


    Lemon & Coconut – Vegan & DF Cookies

    Classic flavour meets lactation cookie! Zesty lemon and the subtle sweetness and bite of coconut make this a delicious choice to try.
    They're not only delicious but they are Vegan - Dairy-Free (you wouldn't even know!).
    Each cookie is individually heat sealed to ensure optimum freshness and convenience. Making them perfect for busy milking mums....

    Wheat Flour, Oats, Sugar, Vegan Butter, Brewers Yeast, Flaxseed, Lemon Juice, Dessicated Coconut, Egg Replacer, Vanilla Extract, Baking Powder.

    **Each box contains 12 individually heat sealed cookies

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  1. Lorraine

    This assortment box was the perfect surprise for my best friend after she delivered her sweet baby. There were four different flavours and so many cookies… now she’s hooked on them all! At a time when most gifts are all about the baby, this was a practical and delicious way to treat a new mum.

  2. Steff

    The mixed pack is a great pack to order first time around. You get a taste of all the flavours. Fresh individual packaging and the taste is second to none! The macadamia and white choc as well as the Nutella were definitely the favs!

  3. Sabrina

    I found the Assortment Box to be a great gift to my sister in law. All flavours are amazing and mums don’t think to buy themselves a teat like this.
    Thanks Sweet Graze for the quick delivery.

  4. Danielle

    Absolutely amazing!!

  5. Jennifer Williams

    I’ve ordered PFF these twice and they’re still amazing. Before I ordered the cookies my milk supply wasn’t that great and now I can either pump for ages or feed for ages. I really wish I brought these while I was pregnant now I know for next time

  6. Kelly

    I’m so glad someone does an assorted box, lets me try them all without buying a whole box of one flavour! – i cant believe how much these actually work, i was sceptical at first as i never even heard of them until i found them on Instagram! i am pumping and breastfeeding and still am so full. THANK YOU

  7. Kathryn

    These cookies not only taste amazing but make a big difference to milk production. Fantastic customer service and always baked fresh. Couldn’t ask for more.

  8. Amy A.

    Absolutely love these! They have that great home made taste… look forward to having them each day.

  9. Georgia

    This is a great pack to order on your first time, as it gives you a few of each of all the flavours (and they’re ALL yummy!). I’ve also gifted this pack to my sister when she had her first baby and she loved it! It makes such a thoughtful gift to treat a new mumma.

  10. Lyly P.

    Thanks so much for a great service! My best friend enjoyed the surprise delivery after arriving home after just giving birth.

  11. Amanda

    These are such a delicious assortment of cookies! They’re very satisfying, even with my crazy eating habits whilst breastfeeding! Thank you x

  12. Casey C.

    Cookies are delicious, I can’t pick a favourite because they are all yummy!! Super speedy delivery! Highly recommend and will be ordering again!

  13. Daphne

    Bought as gift for friend

  14. Jasmin E.

  15. Kimberly

    It was quick and easy to place my order. All the cookies are fresh and delicious. I’ve only had to chance to try the Nutella and it was amazing ?

  16. Kathy

    These lactation cookies are the bees knees. Finally I’ve found something that doesn’t taste like cardboard! This is my third box in 2 weeks! I’m even trying to convince my husband to eat them! Thank you Sweet Graze!

  17. Paige J.

    Super yummy

  18. Anonymous

    Very happy with gifting these to a mum with a new born baby, she said they were delicious

  19. Isabel

    Delicious cookies. Especially loved the nutritional value label on the box. As a diabetic it was fantastic to know the values of each cookie for carb counting.

  20. Bronwyn Babczynski

    Absolutely love the assortment box, as they are all so delicious.
    Have definitely noticed an increase in my supply after eating them which makes me so happy, with my daughter I didn’t have enough supply to breastfeed her. If only I found you 2 years ago. Love these cookies and what you do!

  21. Jodie C

    I bought myself these in my early breastfeeding days and I figured the assorted pack was the best option to taste everything and mix it up!
    I looked forward to these for 4am feeds and kept them on my bedside – even my partner would remember to leave one on my bedside with a bottle of water for me.
    I love that these are individually wrapped so I can take them in my nappy bag or handbag if I’m solo and they’re a great size! The most delicious cookies I’ve ever tasted and bonus that they’re lactation cookies too. It’s definitely hard to stop at 1 cookie at a time though!
    Thank you Daniela for creating the most delicious cookies! I’m still ordering 4 months on!

  22. Rebecca

    These cookies… ahhhmazing! I don’t even know if they are helping with my supply anymore, and I really don’t care.. I can’t stop eating them!
    I think the fact that they are branded “lactation cookies”, means that they are my special treat and off limits to everyone else in the house. The only thing I don’t have to share.. and they are super delicious!

  23. Sharyn

    My daughter loves them

  24. Amanda

    Delicious ?. The service and turn around time is so good!

  25. Teena

    Honestly the most delicious lactation biscuits I have tried AND THEY WORK!!! Only 3 days in and my milk supply has noticeably increased and can finally express enough to make a bottle.

  26. Rhiannon

    Amazing! Perfect treat for the afternoon and to help boost milk supply.

  27. Neda S.

    Love the cookies they taste amazing and have really helped with my milk to come in baby has been staying on for longer

  28. Elizabeth Plunkett

    Absolutely delicious!

  29. Emma

    Every single flavour tastes great, Nutella is the definite favourite

  30. Rebecca Linton

    These cookies taste amazing, so much better than several other brands I have tried. The Nutella is to die for and have boosted my supply by the following day

  31. Monique

    Bub is due in a week so I ordered these to help with my supply as I’m doing antenatal expressing. These arrived yesterday so I’ve only tried the choc chip but I can already tell I’m going to love these! Super yummy! So convenient that they’re individually wrapped too!

  32. Anonymous

    Delicious and homemade taste

  33. Jenna K.

    I absolutely LOVED these biscuits! They taste SO good and after having 2 yesterday, because I couldn’t stop at 1 – my supply has increased this morning! I’ve already bought my next box ?

  34. Rebecca

  35. Alia Q.

    I was not expecting something to taste so yummy!
    Already excited for my next order.

  36. Danielle


  37. Michelle V.

    So delicious that I can help but have my daily fix.

  38. Claire

    So delicious. My sister bought me a box and I demolished them in a week! So tasty and really helped me boost my supply after being unwell

  39. Cheyenne

    Best lactation cookies!! Cant get enough of them they taste amazing and have helped me so much 100% recommend

  40. Ange

    I purchased as a gift to send to a good friend. She has commented a couple of times about how amazing the cookies are – especially the Nutella one! I’ll definitely be purchasing as gifts to send to new Mums in the future ??

  41. Sofia A.

    These cookies are absolutely amazing I’m so addicted! Best ones I’ve ever had and I’ve had a few. 🙂 yum

  42. Sherridan

    I purchased these as a gift after following on Instagram for ages (unfortunately after my own BF journey was finished!) and the recipient has raved about them! She said she doesn’t know how she’s going to stop at 1, and also commented at how they arrived. Love supporting local!

  43. Dolly Fowkes

    Amazing as always

  44. Katie T.

    I was gifted the assorted box of lactation biscuits as a baby shower gift, and have now repurchased now that I have had my baby! Delicious biscuits and I love the variety in flavour.

  45. Anonymous

    The best tasting boobie bikkies !!

  46. Diala S.

    Sooooo damn delicious!! ???
    Noticed some missing from the box and found that my husband has been sneaking some for himself!!

  47. Sasha

    Easy to purchase and taste great!

  48. Anonymous

    Amazing service and product! These are my go to baby shower present and I think the biggest testament is that friends then reorder them once they finish the original box ?

  49. Shannon

    Love the fact you can try each flavour without having to buy big packs of everything. Definitely a good place to start 🙂

  50. Donna

    Amazing!!!!! Can I get these when I stop breastfeeding?? ?

  51. Jade Longwill

  52. Lara

    These are so yummy not only do they taste good they actually work.
    I love the fact I couldn’t decide so I got the assortment box which gave me a taste of everything ! I’m coming back for the caramilk cookies ?

  53. Stephanie V.

    3rd time I’ve ordered to help me so I can give my little one as much of my pumped breastmilk and aiming to reach the 6 month mark 🙂

  54. Savanna

    Great assortment and variety and delicious

  55. Dolly F.

    Amazing as always!

  56. Krystal Smith

    What an amazing combination of cookies and all flavours are to die for! I have seen an increase in my supply and have been having 1-2 per day as per the recommendation.

  57. Anonymous

  58. Jessica Bisignano

  59. Jess C.

    The bickies are absolutely delicious and it was tricky to stop at one!!!

  60. Hannah

  61. Jamie

    Best lactation cookies! So yummy!

  62. Natalia

    *Nice tasting cookies. The assortment box is great to taste all the available flavours! The Nutella one is my favourite!
    *Fast delivery
    *However, $28 for a box, which work out to be $2.30 per cookie plus delivery is a little pricey and for that reason I most likely will not be purchasing these cookies again. I would be more inclined to buy again if I didn’t have to pay almost an extra $10 in postage!

    • sweet

      Thank you for your review on our products.

      We are unable to wear the cost of postage currently being serviced by Australia Post.
      We on charge the price given to us and hope in the future to be able to have this rate reduced.

      I’m sorry you feel like you won’t be able to purchase again due to postage, we do offer pick up in Victoria.

      Thank you for your order, we hope you love the cookies and they have assisted in your breastfeeding journey.

  63. Brittany Clements

    Amazing as always! I’m getting ready to go back to work and it’s good to know I do t have to be concerned about my supply!

  64. Reanne I.

  65. Sarah

  66. Mikaela Thomas

    Like always, so good!

  67. Natasha

  68. Anonymous

  69. Amy S.

    Amazing communication and quality.

  70. Jessica

    I bought these on the recommendation of a friend as my first baby is due in a few weeks. Had a sneaky taste test when they arrived and they were delicious. Looking forward to trying the other flavours.

  71. Emily


  72. Cheyenne K.

    Love the fast turn around time considering i live in a different state.
    Love the packaging.
    The cookies themselves are delicious its almost a case of do i really have to restrict myself to 1-2 a day. They taste amazing. The biscoff- vegan is by far my favourite so far.
    Will definitely be ordering more. They made a difference to my milk after 1 cookie.

  73. Yvonne

  74. Alanna

    All flavours are amazing can’t pick a favourite, will definitely be buying the assortment box again ?

  75. Anonymous

  76. Jacinta Phillips

    These are so good to try all the flavours & they’re delicious, plus they really work! With my other 2 babies I didn’t produce most milk but I wanted that to change this time & now I do have so much!!

  77. Diana

  78. Jocelyne R.

    Yummy cookies highly recommend

  79. Zoe C.

    Love the assorted box and getting to try all the different flavours. Only problem is I can never tell which one I want as they are all delicious! Who says you have to stop at one anyway. Aside from their deliciousness, I definitely think my milk supply has increased since starting them!

  80. Kate Bristow

  81. lucy arida

    Not only have these cookies helped with my milk supply; dramatically, they taste amazing!!!! I’m addicted

  82. Anonymous

  83. lucy arida


  84. Sarah

    So yummy and such a fast delivery

  85. Bethany Kapoor

  86. Jayde Chuhaj

    Such a quick turnaround and absolutely delicious!

  87. Corinna W.

    They’re all so delicious but this box is also a great way to find your favorite flavour if you’re a first time customer!

  88. AnneMarie Ayoub

    Love the assorted box. Each flavour tastes amazing. Would love to see new flavours e.g ferreo and hazelnut would be nice. I think the idea of creating your own assorted box as well would be amazing especially if new flavours get introduced

  89. Maddison

    Absolutely amazing!

  90. Marni C.

    Best product by far, I love the selection. These cookies are to die for

  91. Dana

    2nd box of Cookies & will definitely be back for more! They are the best Lactation cookies on the market & don’t go super hard like other brands!!!!

  92. kat

    all flavours were delicious, but my favs would have to be Nutella and white choc macadamia ??

  93. Shaye K.

    So yummy, I can’t get enough

  94. Anonymous

    Will buy it again:)

  95. Kate

    Delicious, I could eat a whole box

  96. Carly S.

    All are so tasty. It’s hard to choose which one to have each time!

  97. Hayley

    Seriously these are the best !!! Not only delicious but have help my supply so much

  98. Anonymous

  99. Amanda

    Ordering is easy, delivery is fast, product is delicious. Def a return customer and highly recommend.

  100. Marsha

    Taste delicious and helps me with my supply! Everyday I could not wait to have my cookies. All of the cookies taste so good, I can’t pick which one to have everyday. I have been telling all mums and mums to be this is essential if they are breastfeeding. Perfect for gifts as well. ??

  101. Melinda B.

  102. Paola C.

    These were a gift for a new Mum but I bought them myself and they are amazing and they work! Love them x

  103. Kat

    loveit!! taste delicious and help with my milk supply. WIN WIN!

  104. Stacie

    The cookies are delicious and I really feel that my supply has increased with their help. I will be ordering them again! The assorted box helped me work out which ones I liked the best 🙂

  105. Hayley Jenkins

    The best boobie cookies going around! So delish – I had to hide them from my husband! Thank you so much! They are the best midnight snack when nursing ?

  106. Rebecca M.

    Absolutely delicious! I’m so pleased with these. My cousin recommended these to me as I am breastfeeding. I’ll be ordering more ?

  107. Kaitlyn


  108. Mele


  109. Sara

  110. Amy T.

    AMAZING ! I have spent years buying store brought ones , and now see the absolute waste of money they are. When you can have the taste and quality of sweet graze cookies Not only do they taste amazing , but my supply has never been better and they are the perfect for my afternoon pick me up.
    Great cookies , great communication, all around awesome service.

  111. Marissa J.

    Wow wow wow! Great tasting product, and gives such a great insight to other available options. And the benefits for milk supply are just amazing

  112. Anonymous

  113. Bree Bailey

    Absolutely love these. I’ll be buying these for my whole breastfeeding journey!!!

  114. Taylor Hage

  115. Sara

  116. Taylor

    Omg absolutely love. Can’t get enough ?

  117. Sherridan L.

    I first brought the mixed box as a gift after seeing Sweet Graze on Insta and my friend LOVED them. So when I found out I was pregnant I couldn’t wait to give birth to get some myself – and they didn’t disappoint! A Delicious treat while helping my milk supply!!

  118. Anonymous

    Great way to taste the different flavours and decide which ones to reorder. Honestly they all taste delicious and have already started to see improvements to my milk supply.

  119. Sara

  120. Michelle

  121. Brittany

    Lower milk supply for a week, had 2 cookies and my supply came back the next day ??

  122. Ebony

    So delicious! Reordering soon! Just wish there was Nutella in stock!

  123. Lisa

    Delicious – especially the Caramilk ones!

  124. Kaitlyn

  125. Natasha

    The most delicious lactation cookies I’ve had so far & these have helped me a lot with my milk supply, I wasn’t able to express much before now I’m pumping so much from both my breast. Would definitely recommend for anyone struggling with their milk supply.

  126. Peta Bourke

  127. Kelly B.

    Love the Assortment Box, have purchased these a number of times and play lucky dip and satisfied with each cookie. Great taste and enhance on the milk supply.

  128. Kaitlyn A.

  129. Vanessa M.

    Tasty biscuits and great customer service. I would definitely recommend this small business ?

  130. Katrina K.

  131. Anonymous

    Good way to try what the different flavours are and work out what you like!

  132. Kasey Hamilton

    Absolutely love the variety & super tasty ? always fast delivery & significantly helps with my supply.

  133. Chelsea

    Tasted so much better then expected! Will buy again for sure, also going to buy for all my breastfeeding mum friends!

  134. Jodie J.

    Bought these for my daughter and she loved them. Larger and tastier than other leading cookies. She has purchased more since, shared them with other mums and highly recommends them.
    Purchasing was easy and local pick up was fantastic! Thank-you ?

  135. Brooke Marshall

    Yummiest lactation cookies I’ve tried. Looking forward to trying Nutella once in stock again ? a must try!

  136. Ingrid

  137. Anonymous

    So yummy!!!

  138. Anonymous

    Taste really good and i find that it helps with my milk supply. Its a yummy snack when i need a quick fix

  139. Simone

    All the individual cookie boxes were sold out, but this was the perfect combination of flavours! Wasn’t a flavour I didn’t enjoy

  140. Lauren  .

    My sister loved having them at the ready and loved the caramilk also enjoyed the variety

  141. Melissa

  142. Melanie B.

  143. Kaitlyn L.

  144. Anonymous

    Excellent cookies!

  145. Anonymous

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