Biscoff – Vegan, Dairy & Nut Free

Biscoff – Vegan, Dairy & Nut Free

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The Creator of the Original Biscoff Lactation Cookie!!

This super soft cookie has a gooey Biscoff center, perfect for those Biscoff lovers. 

They’re not only delicious but Vegan – Dairy / Nut free (you wouldn’t even know!)

We promise you won’t stop at one!


Each cookie is individually heat sealed to ensure optimum freshness and convenience. Making them perfect for busy milking mums….


Wheat Flour, Oats, Sugar, Vegan  Butter, Brewers Yeast, Flaxseed, Biscoff Spread, Egg Replacer, Vanilla Extract, Baking Powder.

**Each box contains 12 individually heat sealed cookies

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12 Cookies per flavour, 24 Cookies per flavour


  1. Laura P.

    Love the hidden centre, so delicious. It was hard to ever just stop at one! Can’t wait to order more ?

  2. Lindsay

    these are just unreal, being dairy free i assumed they were going to be dry but they were so soft. thank you for such a delicious treat that has seriously increased my supply double the amount!

  3. Georgia

    Vegan Biscoff is one of my favourite flavours. They’re dairy free, which is awesome, but they’re also really moist! I microwave these just for a few seconds and the centre gets all oozy…YUM!

  4. Lia

    Absolutely delicious and highly recommend them.

  5. Daphne

  6. Katherine

    LOVE these! I ordered the vegan biscoff
    expecting them to be dry
    but they were moist and soft.
    You seriously wouldn’t know they
    were vegan they’re that delicious.
    Sweet Graze has totally nailed the recipe –
    the supply boost was a nice little bonus too!

  7. Bianca C

    Thank you so much for catering to us Vegans! it’s so hard to find anything in the market that actually tastes nice, you have nailed the BISCOFF! oh and!!! two cookies down and i felt the increase the next morning !

  8. Charlotte

    After having to give up dairy because my daughter is intolerant I was looking for an alternative to lactation cookies and oh boy am I glad I came across Sweet Graze. The biscoff cookie is so soft and gooey- absolutely delicious!

  9. Vanesa P.

    So damn delicious! It’s hard to stop at one.

  10. Kathy

    These lactation cookies are the bees knees. Finally I’ve found something that doesn’t taste like cardboard! This is my third box in 2 weeks! I’m even trying to convince my husband to eat them! Thank you Sweet Graze!

  11. Chelsea Kleeman

    The most amazing cookies !! I have now had 2 batches of the following and i have never loved something more!! This has been a great enhancement to my breastfeeding journey and i could not recommend the following enough! not only delicious but so handy to get that extra boost of supply!! Not to mention quick to receive and outstanding customer service!

  12. Paige

    On my 4th box! Think that explains it all when customers are reordering. Only DF lactation cookies that taste amazing

  13. Megan Eley

    This is maybe my favourite flavour now. And that’s saying a lot cause I LOVE Nutella but this is so damn good!! I also don’t think I would of been able to breastfeed for as long as I have without these cookies! It helps my milk supply so much!

  14. Hayley Bowman

  15. Melissa T.

    My favorite by far. So delicious with that little biscoff surprise in the middle

  16. Anonymous

    Yum! Dangerously addictive

  17. Rhiannon Durkin

    I love your biscuits! I am vegan and love the biscoff cookies. My supply is great and it’s a lovely snack (that I don’t have to share, yay!)

  18. Jess H.

    So delicious and don’t taste any different to a normal biscuit!

  19. Donna

    Delicious ????

  20. Maria Chambers

    Your cookies are so delicious! The perfect sweet treat that benefit not only myself but bub to, I just love them.

    My milk supply has literally doubled (like for real!) I love that your cookies give me one less thing to worry about. Like the song goes; “I’ve got 99 problems but my milk supply ain’t one” hehehehe

  21. Monique

    I tried the assorted box first and fell in love with the nutella ones. But after realising i needed to go dairy free for bub i ordered these vegan ones and they are so yummy! I actually like them more than the nutella (and i love my choccy). A day after eating 2 and I’ve already noticed an increase in supply!

  22. Anonymous

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