White Chocolate & Macadamia

White Chocolate & Macadamia

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Our White Chocolate & Macadamia cookies are the perfect blend of nut and chocolate.

Macadamia nuts are amazing little nutrient-filled powerhouses which are a rich source of Vitamin A, Iron, Protein and Folates.

Each cookie is individually heat sealed to ensure optimum freshness and convenience. Making them perfect for busy milking mums….


Wheat Flour, Oats, Sugar, Butter, Brewers Yeast, Flaxseed, Egg, Macadamia, Cadbury White Choc Chips, Vanilla Extract, Baking Powder.

**Each box contains 12 individually heat sealed cookies

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Weight.1 kg
Dimensions1 × 1 × 1 cm

12 Cookies per flavour


  1. Anna R

    These are so yummy and they boosted my milk supply big time!

  2. Vera G

    I have tried a few lactation cookies and these cookies are truly delicious and are a very nutritious snack to have on the go for a busy mum, but more importantly they truly deliver the goods for your baby (milk and more milk!)
    Thank you Sweet Graze! X

  3. Cammille F.

    I sent this as a gift to one of my friend who just gave birth, and according to her, this is one of the best lactation cookie she ever had!! Two thumbs up.

  4. Georgia

    I wish I has these with my first pregnancy! They are not only really tasty, they really helped with my milk supply. I love that they’re all individually sealed and I can just put a couple in my bag or car (to stop me snacking on junk when I’m out!).

  5. Jessica

    I purchased the white chocolate and macadamia and I was super surprised at how delicious they were! I was again blown away by the quick reaction i got. Day 2 of eating these cookies my milk supply increased! This makes both of us MUMMA AND BABY super happy!! Thank you so much Sweet Graze!

  6. Leah Kelly

    Best cookies I have ever eaten just a bonus they are lactation cookies and have boosted my supply sooo much!
    Delivery is really quick, highly recommend!

  7. Leah

  8. Ela

    Really tasty

  9. Paige Jerome

  10. Jess H.

    Very delicious cookies when you need a chocolate fix but also want to feel healthy!

  11. Lara N.

    Love them … they are so yummy and my boys love them too !! This woman is the boobie cookie queen ?

  12. Erin R.

  13. Kelsey T.

  14. Lara N.

    Love these so much they make my mid morning coffee enjoyable and helps grow my milk … ???

  15. Leigh Pukallus

  16. Alison H.

    Delicious AF!

  17. Lillie C.

  18. Missy M.

    Seriously tasty! Love having one of these with a hot drink after dinner.

  19. Anonymous

    Love these! Taste delicious!

  20. Bronwyn Encinas

    Soooo Yummy!! I actually love how you can taste the yeast and other goodness in these cookies, definitely not too strong?

  21. Zeera

    These are delicious!

  22. Kirralee Pevy

    They haven’t arrived yet

  23. Hayley Jenkins

  24. Rebecca MAHER

    Never thought I’d like these ones but these are my absolute favourite!

  25. Nikki

  26. Belinda G.

  27. Melanie K.

  28. Simone

  29. Jaleesa Scibilia

  30. Ebeth Brown

  31. Jessica Williams

    Love the macadamia chunks throughout – perfect middle of the night feeding energy boost!

  32. Anonymous

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