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The Creator of the Original Nutella Lactation Cookie!!

Oozing with Nutella – our Nutella Lactation cookies are one of a kind..

Enjoy these lactogenic milk building cookies whilst curbing your Nutella craving.

Each cookie is individually heat sealed to ensure optimum freshness and convenience. Making them perfect for busy milking mums….


Wheat Flour, Oats, Sugar, Butter, Brewers Yeast, Flaxseed, Egg, Nutella, Cacoa, Vanilla Extract, Baking Powder.

**Each box contains 12 individually heat sealed cookies

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    Triple Chocolate

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    Triple Chocolate

    Craving a Chocolate fix? Our Triple Chocolate does just that - melting in your mouth with chunks of milk and white chocolate. With Dark Chocolate being made from the seed of the cocoa tree, it is one of the best sources of antioxidants on the planet. So go ahead and treat yourself! Each cookie is individually heat sealed to ensure optimum freshness and convenience. Making them perfect for busy milking mums....


    Wheat Flour, Oats, Sugar, Butter, Brewers Yeast, Flaxseed, Cadbury Milk Choc Chips, Cadbury White Choc Chips, Cacoa Powder, Egg, Vanilla Extract,Baking Powder

    **Each box contains 12 individually heat sealed cookies
    $24.95 2.5%
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    Assortment Box

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    Assortment Box

    Want to try our four main flavours? You’re just in luck! Grab yourself a box of 12 assortments. • Nutella • Choc Chip • Triple Choc • White Choc & Macadamia
    **Each box contains 12 individually heat sealed cookies
    $27.95 2.5%

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  1. Steff

    Absolutely loved this flavour!! The middle when you bite in is amazing! As a first time mum these biscuits were great for my milk supply. They arrived fresh from Melb to Adelaide! Recommend them to any mum wanting to boost their supplies or have a treat!

  2. Paola

    Nutella flavor is the best! So delicious and helped me so much with my supply for my baby. Highly recommend for nursing mums or anyone cause they’re just so delicious!

  3. Vera G

    These are a Nutella lover’s dream! These are also made FRESH! Unlike the ones I have bought directly from the store.
    I have tried a few lactation cookies and these cookies are truly delicious and are a very nutritious snack to have on the go for a busy mum, or have as a treat. But more importantly they truly deliver the goods for your baby (milk and more milk!)
    Thank you Sweet Graze! X

  4. Sabrina

    Who doesn’t love Nutella!! these biscuits were not only a dream to eat but made sure my daughter was getting ample amount of milk.
    I’ve always been a sweet tooth and tried to cut down however there’s no guilt in eating these amazing biscuits. They satisfy my cravings and help with my anxiety at not producing enough milk .
    Don’t think i’ll stop eating them after breast feeding.

  5. Laura P.

    Love the hidden centre, so delicious. It was hard to ever just stop at one! Can’t wait to order more ?

  6. Georgia

    If you like Nutella, you will LOVE these. The centre has a gooey Nutella surprise which is even better if you microwave it. So good!

  7. Tina

    Yum yum YUM! That centre of Nutella is soo delicious! Can’t wait for bubs to be born so I can order more!

  8. Shelly

    HOLY COW – that’s what i am A COW ? What have you done
    to my boobies! IM SQUIRTING!!

  9. Pammy

    the nutella!!! everyone needs to buy this i threw mine in the microwave like you said and it made it super gooey. I couldn’t feel my let before but now it’s intense pins & needles. Give me 1000000 nutella’s pleeeaassseeee

  10. Shakiera

    Best lactation cookies ever!
    The Nutella centre is next level
    These cookies helped me tandem feed a toddler and newborn
    Highly recommended

  11. Carly

    These are the best lactation cookies I have ever eaten! Before I finished my first box I was already ordering my second and third!

  12. Casey Moser

  13. April D.

    Amazing cookies, amazing customer service. 10/10 will be buying again

  14. Anonymous

    Amazing cookies! That Nutella centre is ??

  15. Hala

    Seriously the best flavour! But they not only taste amazing, have been a lifesaver to help keep my milk supply up for my little boy!

  16. Thehani

    These lactation cookies are absolutely delicious, really helped with my milk supply, Will definitely be buying more!!

  17. Sharyn

    These are her favourites

  18. Jaleesa Scibilia

  19. Paige Jerome

  20. Kate Rushforth

    Can not stop at one….these are incredible

  21. Elizabeth Plunkett

    These are my favourite from the assorted box, in the microwave for 10 seconds.

  22. Megan Phillips

    Best lactation cookies !! Have tried many different companies and nothing compares to sweet graze not only is the taste amazing but they work wonders for my milk supply

  23. Nicoya

    I am absolutely in love with these cookies ?. That Nutella centre is the epitome of happiness. I look forward to having 2 every single day and they definitely keep me going on those sleep deprived days.

  24. Hayley Bowman

    My favourite

  25. Emma

    These are my new go to lactation cookies

  26. Sarah L.

    Delicious! I’ve had to remind my husband they’re not regular bikkies for him to eat on more than one occasion.

  27. Laura P.

    These cookies are so good!!

  28. Chloe A.


  29. Jess H.

    Always a delicious edition to the cookie jar!

  30. Aleesha Payne

    These are the best cookies ever !!!!

  31. Kate

    One of the best things I’ve had in my mouth ???

  32. Georgia

    Before trying these cookies I struggled with my milk supply. After eating two of them I went from struggling to leaking. These cookies have saved my breastfeeding journey.

  33. Sarah

  34. Jemima M.

    These are the most delicious boobie biscuits that I’ve had and they have helped my milk supply.

  35. Emma

  36. Anonymous

    Super delicious and improved supply

  37. Krystal Smith

    These cookies are absolutely amazing! Texture and flavour are both mouth watering and I have seen an increase in my supply. Nutella are my favourite flavour so far!

  38. Danielle

    AMAZING – my favourite

  39. Jessica

    Amazing, I can’t have only one!

  40. Jessy M.

    Very yummy…first time i tried…i fall in love..very moist n taste soo good…i try not to eat all…love love love

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